Wire rods (5.5 mm – 16 mm in diameter)

Steels for tire reinforcing


These grades are produced according to ASTM and DIN standards. It is also possible to produce grades with some deviations in analysis on special request.

Selected scrap is charged to the electric arc furnaces in order to control the impurity elements such as Cu, Cr and Ni. Level of total impurities is kept minimum by adding Pig Iron and HBI to the scrap.
Eccentric bottom tapping and bottom purging systems are employed at the electric arc furnaces in order to control the slag amount and composition.
Liquid steel flow is shrouded between ladle and tundish as well as tundish and mould so as to control the inclusions.
Continuous casting machine is equipped with electromagnetic stirrers.
Silicon and manganese deoxidation is carried out.
Modification of the inclusions is achieved by Ca-wire injection method after the ladle treatment.
Decarburization is kept minimum during the reheating process at the walking beam furnace prior to rolling.
Billets are hot rolled in NKK/Japanese and VAI/U.K. finishing block mill with narrow tolerances both in size and shape.
Fast cooling mode is achieved at the controlled cooling conveyor in order to reach the desired mechanical properties and scale characteristics.
Surface oxide is suitable for mechanical descaling and chemical pickling.
Wire rods of 5.5 mm are compacted and secured automatically with four wire ties forming coils of approximately 1500 kg.
Two tags covering the details of the heat are attached.
Traceability of the product is ensured at all stages from tapping to after sale services with its specific heat number.
Certificates comprising chemical analysis and mechanical properties referring to the heat number are dispatched with delivery.