EGE ÇELİK focuses to understand and provide the requirements and needs of its customers which is to produce to the exact quality standards and to ship on the date agreed. Our mission is always delivering our customers in all market conditions what they expect.

Since EGE ÇELİK aims for the best satisfaction of its customers, during production below mentioned measures are constantly taken to assure quality :

The chemical and mechanical properties of our products are controlled within narrow limits
The inspection of the process parameters is believed to be the most crucial point for the continuity of the product quality. Because of this fact, all the process parameters affecting the quality are controlled systematically by Statistical Process Control techniques in order to be utilized in quality improvement activities.
The equipment used in testing and measuring the products have state of art technology, and their control is carried out periodically by the international certified institutions.
Our production equipment is continuously updated in order to meet the variety of the customers’ demands
Customers’ satisfaction is measured with our frequent visits to our buyers


EGE ÇELİK, as one of the most qualified steel producers of Turkey, always aims
to respond quickly to its customers’ demands and needs with its Sales and Marketing Department in rapidly changing local and global market. 

EGE ÇELİK is always ready to offer technical assistance to assure customer satisfaction by carefully examining the process and application of its products to take any precautions during production to improve customers’ quality and efficiency.