About Ege Çelik
Ege Çelik Endüstrisi Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş. has been in production of steel billets, bars and wire rods since November 2001 in Aliağa steel plant.

EGE ÇELİK focuses to understand and provide the requirements and needs of its customers which is to produce to the exact quality standards and to ship on the date agreed.

Our Port

Open/closed cargo storage areas
Garbage (liquid & solid), disposal, fresh water, bunker and provision supply

Our Products
Ege Çelik product activity involves 4 main groups including Reinforcing Bars and Structural Steels, Wire Rods, Steel Billets and Industrial Gas Products

Product Range

Reinforcing Bars and Structural Steels (8mm-32mm in diameter)

Wire rods (5.5 mm – 16 mm in diameter)

    Low carbon steels for cold drawing
    Low carbon steels for cold drawing to finer sizes
    Steels for welding electrodes
    Steels for welding wires
    Steels for wire ropes and springs
    Steels for fasteners and general cold heading applications
    Steels for pre-stressing wires and strands
    Steels for tire reinforcing
    Steels for mesh making and rebar in coil

Steel Billets (square cross section from 100x100 mm to 200x200 mm)

Industrial Gas Products - Oxygen and Argon